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How do i keep my Whiteboard surface clean?

There are three main whiteboard designs, they are:
  1. Standard surface (melamine - non magnetic)
  2. Magnetic surface (enamel)
  3. Porcelain surface
  • Of these surfaces the first 2 are designed for low to medium usage in either a domestic or commercial applications.
  • Our Porcelain surface is designed for high use - in applications such as schools, conference centres, training rooms ... or anywhere the whiteboard is being used very frequently.
If you are experiencing problems erasing marks from your whiteboard ... here are a few ideas that may help  ...
  • Make sure you are using the correct pen.  A dry wipe 'whiteboard' pen is essential.
  • If you have used the wrong pen (with permanent ink) ... try writing over the permanent ink with a correct whiteboard pen, the solvents may 'work against' each other to remove the offending ink.
  • Different colour pens display different erasing capabilities, this is because the ink in say a green or red pen is different to the ink in a black or blue pen. different pen manufacturers ... use different inks ... sourced from various parts of the world, some with good and some with indifferent results.
  • The storage of these pens is important, if the pens have had a long shelf life or have been stored upside down ... the 'ink' in the pen may seperate from the 'solution' (often water mixed with alcohol), the result will be that you are actually writing on the whiteboard with concentrated 'ink', this of course will be a lot more difficult to erase, so ... it's worth considering, that whiteboard markers are often the culprits of poor erasing.
  • Make sure your eraser is clean, replace your eraser often as it frequently causes smudges and grime to build up on your whiteboard.
  • It is also a good idea to frequently clean your whiteboard.
  • Clean your whiteboard with approved cleaning fluid ... available from Able Office Furniture Pty Ltd.
  • Our cleaning fluid ... removes permanent stains !!
  • For very resistant stains ... isopropyl alcohol can be applied to the surface, apply with a soft, scratch free cloth, apply a warm water solution to the surface after this and then buff dry with the another soft cloth.
  • Mineral turps, petrol, kerosene, methylated spirits are NOT recommended as they all leave a 'film' over the whiteboard surface, so if these have been used ... in effect, when you write on the whiteboard ... you are actually writing on the 'film' rather than the original surface.
  • Leaving writing on the whiteboard for long periods of time is not recommended.
  • Whiteboards placed near air conditioners may experience difficulty in erasing, gas and various vapours are emitted from air conditioners which in some cases tend to 'seal' the writing surface.
  • Whiteboards under strong fluoroscent lights .. may also experience difficulty in erasing, these lights emit UV (ultra violet) rays which can tend to 'bake' the whiteboard pen strokes ... making it harder to erase the whiteboard.
  • Hopefully these hints and tips will help you keep your whiteboard surface clean for many years to come...........

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