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Client and visitor tub design chairs for your waiting or reception area.

Chairs - Client Tub

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Cup Cake Tub Chair
SKU: 2001 C

Available in grey fabric with striped fabric back.

Chocolate Client Tub Chair
SKU: 2003 C

Chocolate tub chair for client and patient reception room waiting areas.

Cute Tub Chair
SKU: 2002 C

Cute tub chair for client reception waiting areas.

Bold client chair
SKU: 2269 C

Bold waiting room, client or visitor lounge chair for any office area.

Sebel Tub Chair with Sled Base in Black PU
SKU: 2006 C

Sebel tub chair for your client waiting and conference areas.

Snow Tub Chair
SKU: 2550 C

Snow tub chairs are designed for heavy long term use.

Oprah Timber Base Tub Chair
SKU: 2127 C

Oprah fabric covered tub chair with timber base for stylish offices.

Space Executive Lounge Chair
SKU: 2154 F

Available in black PU only.

Summit Tub Chair
SKU: 2051 C

Summit fabric covered shell chairs for your clients or reception area.

Planet Lounge One Seater
SKU: 2103 C

Planet waiting room, client or visitor lounge chair for any office area.

Space single tub chair
SKU: 2155 F

Available in black PU only.

Ruby Tub Chair in White
SKU: 2159 S

Ruby tub lounge chairs are ideal for clubs and restaurants.

Oreo Tub Chair with Wheels
SKU: 2004 C

Oreo tub chair for clients visiting your office.

Yale Lounge Chair Single Seater Black
SKU: 2169 Y

Yale lounge chair designed for your office style and ergonomics.

Orchid Tub Chair
SKU: 2007 C

Available in 2 fabric colours.

Tonic Client Chair
SKU: 2231 S

Tonic stackable visitor chair for your clients comfort.

Solar Lounge One Seater
SKU: 2138 C

Solar lounge chair designed for your office style and ergonomics.

Oasis client chair in black
SKU: 2222 C

Oasis visitor and client chair is ideal for any office space.

Demo Tub Chair in White
SKU: 2247 S

Demo leather tub chair for your conference or reception area.

Berry Tub Chair
SKU: 14001

Available in black fabric only.

Hula Client Tub Chair
SKU: 2230 S

Hula tub client chair with adjustable height for your visitors comfort.

Peak Tub Chair
SKU: 2827 C

Peak tub chair is ideal for waiting rooms and cafes.

Tulip Tub Chair
SKU: 14200

Available in many fabric colours.

Snow Client Chair
SKU: 2549 C

Snow client and cafe chairs designed for long term use.

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